About Us

Co-Founder, Dennis Eagleeye started Eagle Healthworks to use his lived experiences both personally and professionally to assist others to achieve their goals and discover lives of purpose and meaning.

We use a Gear in our logo to not only represent the work needed to accomplish anything of worth, but also have each of the seven teeth represent a letters in the word SERVICE.

SSuccess: Your success defines our own

EEthic: Primum Non Nocere (first do no harm)

RRespect: Yourself then everyone else, you are absolutely unique and worthwhile.

VValue: Providing high value services to the individual, community, and team.

IInnovation: Always seeking new productive ways to improve services and operations

CCounsel: The therapeutic relationship built on trust

EEfficiency: Executing in ways that reduce waste of time, energy, and resources.

The feather represents the three parts of the individual; the stem is connected to the Body, the barbs represent the Mind flow to the up arrow Spirit in our main color purple (recovery).

We call ourselves Advocates regardless of position because we are committed to our cause, our patients, our communities, and each other.


If you are smart, passionate, responsible, dedicated, and service minded, we want to hear from you. Email your résumé/CV to us with a reason why you want to join our company and how you can make us better, or look for postings on LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.