Confidential Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment

Hepatitis C virus, sometimes referred to as HCV or hep C, is a disease that is more common among people with substance abuse disorders than the general population. Eagle HealthWorks provides treatment for HCV-positive people regardless of their patient status with us.

  • Fast, easy, and confidential blood testing
  • Treatment regardless of your sobriety status
  • 12-week pain-free treatment for a hep C cure

We Provide Hep C Medication Even If You Are Not in Recovery

We have treated hundreds of patients with hepatitis C in Beysville regardless of their sobriety status. Patients report feeling better after the first week of treatment, including increased energy and a more positive attitude. Our 12-week treatment has virtually no side effects and provides rapid physical, mental, and emotional improvement.

Get diagnosed with a simple blood test. Treatment involves an oral medication that is taken daily for 12 weeks.

Millions of Americans have undiagnosed hep C

Common symptoms of hepatitis C include fatigue, abdominal pain, urination difficulties, dark urine, and jaundice. Baby Boomers, intravenous drug users, and individuals engaging in high-risk sexual behaviors are at higher risk.

An estimated 75% of people with hepatitis C do not know they have the disease. You are not alone–get tested and get treatment today.

Hep C Medication Therapy

  • Effectively end your HCV infection.
  • Compassionate, judgment-free care.
  • Daily phone and text support.
  • No-obligation testing and consultation.
  • Minimal to no side effects.
  • Once a day tablet for 12 weeks.
  • Simultaneous MAT and HCV treatment.
  • Monthly check-ups for three months.
  • Over 94% success rate in treatment.
  • Hundreds of patients successfully cured.

We will see you every 28 days for three months for your hep C medication and assessment. After the final dose, bloodwork will confirm if the disease is inactive. Please have a six-month and one-year checkup with bloodwork for confirmation.

Our team is available daily via phone and text support. Our patients are often relieved and overjoyed at how easy the treatment process is. Many go on to live their lives with a new outlook after their hep C cure

Hepatitis C treatment in Bridgeport

Eagle HealthWorks provides hep C treatment for patients in Bridgeport without the symptoms that were common with hep C medications even just a few years ago. The medication is covered under insurance, and we work with you to get it approved once a blood test confirms the presence of hep C. Our entire process is streamlined to help you get the treatment you need to start feeling better.